Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Home Tour

Today the Holiday Home Tour is going live on my YouTube Channel! YAY! It is my first video that I have posted on there. It isn't anything super special, just a slideshow of the pictures of our home décor. But it is there none the less!

For the blog today I am just going to show you a few of my favorite items in our décor.

This is in our living room. We keep the tray out with candles on it year around, but I knew it needed to be more festive! I purchased the 'NOEL' candle holder at Walgreens for $2! Then I picked up the pinecones at Walgreens as well for $2 a box (I believe there were nine pinecones to a box). I love the glow it puts off and the pinecones just make it really rustic which fits us and our home.

We purchased this ornament from a stand at our local mall. I've seen them in several different malls around here. I am not exactly sure how much we paid for it, but I love it! It has an owl for each one of us and it just makes me super happy!

I purchased this cute jar with the ribbon for only $1.99 at Walgreens. I knew it would be perfect for our kitchen table. I found the chocolate covered pretzels at Dollar General for $1 a bag.

I got this wood deer candle holder at Walgreens for only $4.99. These are the same pinecones as the table in the living room. I also picked up some flexible garland at Dollar General for $3. The candle in this is a gingerbread jar candle that I got for .97 at Walmart. It smells up the room so quickly and is AMAZING!

This is the same garland and the same pinecones that I mentioned previously. The wood 'Happy Holidays' came from Walgreens and I believe I paid $4.99 for it as well.
So there you have it! Those are a few of my favorite décor elements in our home! Go check out the video on my YouTube channel to see all of our Holiday Décor!

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