Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Randoms: 5-6-14

  • I am struggling with keeping it all together. I have been dropping the ball in one aspect of my life or another. Or maybe just all of them. I need to figure this out.
  • I am really hungry. Probably because I didn't eat breakfast. I am thinking eggs for lunch sounds amazing.
  • I am thoroughly missing JP.
  • I find it extremely hilarious that our big lab/pit is scared of Boo's play guitar.
  • I have big changes coming up in my life that I am not sure I thought I would ever get to make.
  • We finally printed all of our wedding invitations last week and they are beautiful.
  • I apologize for the fact that I have missed posts lately. Or that this one is super short.
  • I expected to get better numbers out of my blood work than what I got.
  • I need to change. A lot.

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