Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 2014 Favorites

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today we are going to talk about my January favorites. Now I did not wear much makeup this month to be totally honest, but the few times I did I realized these are the products that I ran to the most because they were the easiest for me to work with.
The first are these two brushes from Satina. One is a powder brush and the other one is a duo fiber brush. I got these in a set that Tara got me for Christmas. I love them because they are super soft but they really get the job done. The powder brush is really dense. And that little do a fiber brush is perfect for highlighting.

My next favorite is a multi-use product and it is the Physician Formula shimmer strips custom bronzer blush and eyeshadow in Miami strip. I love this because I can pull this out and I have my highlighter and my bronzer all in one. I can also use it for eyeshadows if I wanted to. They are really shimmery which makes it the perfect highlighter.

My next favorite is the Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Bright Berry. This color is perfect and I really think it would be flattering on any skin tone. It is also just really comfortable to wear. You can tell that it's really moisturizing your lips while still having really great color payoff. 

My next favorite was a Christmas gift from my honey. Its a three pack set of InStain blushes from the Balm. My most favorite would have to be houndstooth it's a really good mauve color. The other two colors that came in the set were Toile and Argyle. These blushes are incredible. They are a staining powder blush and they last all day long. Which is really good for me right now because I don't want to have to do touch ups.

And my last favorite for the month was another sweet gift from my wonderful guy and it was the Nude 'tude pallet from the Balm. This is the cutest pallet. I mean I really love everything put out by the Balm because they have the best packaging. The inside has these pin up girls and the eye shadows block out there in appropriate areas. There are really great colors in here that can give you a perfect nude neutral eye look. I think my favorite colors in here have to be sexy, stubborn, and sultry.  Their eye shadows are extremely buttery. They have amazing color payoff and I just really love them.
 So there you have it guys, those are my favorites for the month of January. I really hope you enjoyed. Sorry about the horrible lighting in the pictures! What were your favorites this month?

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