Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shoulder Surgery Update:Week 3

Hey Guys! I really intended to keep you all way more up to date with my surgery, but life has been crazy! If you aren't aware of what I'm talking about, you can read my first post about my surgery here.
I had my surgery on the 7th of January. On the sixth I had to pack up all of Matthew's bags because he was going away for the entire week. He got was leaving Monday before I went to work and wouldn't be back until Sunday evening. He was also bouncing around to 3 different homes (my mom's, my brother's, and his daddy's) during that week, so I had to make sure everything was packed in separate bags.

On the 7th we woke up to go to the hospital and I was really in a panic. I did not want to go, I begged Jason not make me go. It was very stressful. When we got there we had to go in and pay for the surgery and then we waited for a little bit. When they took me back, they got me change into a gown and were looking at my shoulder and noticed I had a few little spots on it. They weren't sure if the doctor would continue to do the surgery. So we had to wait on the doctor to move any further, but he finally came out and gave us the OK. After that they did my IV, got me pretty drugged up, numbed my entire arm and I don't remember anything else until I woke up.
It was really rough afterward. I was told I had to sleep sitting up which I was aware of, but is way more difficult in theory than it even sounds in your head. The whole first day my arm was entirely numb and I had no use of my hand or anything. The whole first week I was home alone for the most part (JP and my mom were there the day I had surgery and JP took off Wednesday) and on a lot of pain medication.

The second week was even harder than the first. I was coming off of pain medication which was putting me in a very bad place. I was really sick, had a horrible headache, was still in a lot of pain and taking care of Matthew by myself everyday.

The sling is probably the most annoying thing ever! It straps on to my arm, there's a pad between my arm and my body, and it straps around my waist. And I never get out of it. I'm supposed to wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Though I may not be so good about wearing it all the time. I do wear it if I'm up and around and I always wear it if I'm sleeping, but sometimes I take it off if I'm just sitting on the couch watching YouTube.

I have been going pretty stir crazy. I mostly only see the boys. I'm not allowed to drive so I can only get out of the house if JP is home. Which usually means our weekends are jam packed because I want to stay out of house as much as possible. I'm basically stuck in the corner of our sectional all the time. I joke around and tell JP that there's going to permanently be a Casey ass print on our couch.
I also have felt like I am putting a lot of extra stress on JP because I couldn't do anything by myself. I couldn't get dressed, I couldn't take a shower, I couldn't fix Matthews food, and I could barely eat on my own. So I felt really bad because I felt like I wasn't doing enough to help him, even though I knew that I couldn't physically do any of it. That's still a feeling that I'm struggling with, but I am getting to the point where I'm more capable to do things on my own. At this point I am taking showers mostly by myself, he just sits in the room with me in case I need him. I can dress myself for the most part, though I try not to do it by myself the whole time every time just because I don't want to risk hurting myself. I have even done the laundry and the dishes a few times.
I am starting to recover which is a good thing. I start physical therapy next week. All the bandages are off and I am down to wearing just Band Aids as of now. I have had a doctors appointment where he basically just explained the surgery to me. (I am trying to keep most of the actual medical things out of here just because it is really personal to me.)

I am surprisingly ready to go back to work and feel productive once again. We have gotten a lot done in the few weeks that I've been off, because we've packed the weekends so much. Matthew and I are officially totally moved into the house and we've been working on some projects that are really important to us.
So that's my update on how I'm doing. I am really sorry that I haven't updated as much as I intended to. JP did film some vlogs from the day I had surgery, but he accidentally ran over his phone and so those videos are lost. Typing has been really difficult for me, so even editing posts has been hard, which is also why I just haven't blogged very much in general. I am working on it and hoping that I'm going to get better at it.
Thank you guys so much for your support and understanding during this hard time. I have a few more posts coming this week and I'm hoping that they're all going to be on time. I will update you again when I start physical therapy next week just to let you know how that's going.

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