Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shoulder Surgery Update: Week 5

Hey Guys! Welcome back! So I wanted to update you on my shoulder once again.

I have gone to two different therapy appointments. I had one last Friday and one today. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but definitely not enjoyable. The good news is, they said my shoulder was really stiff and tight, which means that the surgery did what it was supposed to and that it worked. I had "homework" to do. The homework part has been really difficult. I am improving though.

I had a doctor appointment today. He did release me to go back to work with one big restriction: NO USE OF MY RIGHT ARM. AT ALL. That is really frustrating and difficult. I am right handed, so there isn't much that I am capable of doing without using my right arm. I can't even write without hurting really bad and my arm starts shaking, so I am not sure how it is going to work. I need to talk to the company I work for and see where to go from there.

The doctor also told me, that there is still no movement (outside of when I am in therapy) in my arm for six more weeks. In therapy, I am still only allowed to do small movements and stretches with my arm for four more weeks. After that, we are going to start working on bigger movements. I was told in therapy today that I won't have full range of motion and full use of my arm for three months. That is really, really frustrating.

Pain wise, I am not doing too bad. I hurt the most after my therapy/homework, though it doesn't usually hurt too bad. I just ice my shoulder for about 10 minutes after my therapy/homework. I am taking an ibuprofen every once in a while during the day, but not very often. I am still taking two Motrin PM every night which is to help with the swelling and to help me sleep.

Now, I am not sure if I am really allowed to yet or not, but I am sleeping laying down. I push my body up against the back of the couch, or up again JP, so that I don't move around. They also took the pad off of my sling today. I pay put the pad back on my sling when I return to work, just to help prevent me from moving it accidentally or out of habit at work.

I don't have any pictures to really post with the blog today. So sorry about that! I will update you guys probably next Wednesday if I go back to work then. Thanks so much for reading you guys!!

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