Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Favorite Pics of my new FIANCE and I

Hey Guys! Welcome to another Top 5 Thursday post! Since JP and I just got engaged on Saturday and because tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite pictures of just the two of us. I hope you guys enjoy!
This is the first picture ever of just the two of us. Is it crazy that I feel like we look really young in this picture? It was take just a little over a year ago. We had been together for about a month.
I love this one. It may be because I loved those sunglasses of mine. Or (the more likely reason) it may be because my JP is the most handsome man EVER, especially when he is dressed up. <3
Ah, Windrock. This was the day after JP told me he loved me for the first time. I just love the views at Windrock. And that trip was just very special to me and to our relationship.
This is our first anniversary picture. <3 I am absolutely obsessed with this picture. I had it printed in a 5X7 to put in our living room. It is currently my fb profile picture. I just love it.
And this one. <3 It was taken just minutes after JP asked me to marry him. I am seriously the most blessed woman ever because I get this guy to spend my life with. <3
There you have it! There are definitely other pictures of us that I love (like the gigantic one hanging above our bed) but these are more than just good pictures of us. These pictures stand for some amazing moments in our life together. I love this guy. What is your favorite picture of you and your significant other?

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