Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Surgery Update: Week 10

Hey Guys! I wanted to check back in with you guys on my shoulder surgery. I usually do WIAW on Wednesdays, but today I totally forgot to take pictures of everything! So, I figured this would do for the day!

I went back to work about a month ago. It has been going pretty well. Some days are harder than others. I definitely have my struggles, but I do make it work. I have not used my arm there, just like I was told.

As far as therapy, after my appointment that I told you about previously, I got a call from my therapist and he told me that the doctor said I couldn't do therapy until 4 weeks later. So, I went to my therapy again starting on March 12th. It was HORRIBLE. Seriously I was in so much pain.

I went to my next appointment yesterday. It was much better than the previous one. I have gotten a lot more movement back. I am so excited. I am still having a lot of pain. Especially after therapy. I am getting a lot of muscle spasms in the back of my arm. Like I said, I am getting more movement, but I am having a hard time holding a lot of weight.

I go to my next appointment Friday. Then next Wednesday I have another therapy appointment and a doctor appointment. I am really hoping that they will tell me I don't have to wear the sling anymore. My plan is to update you again either next week or the week after.

Thanks for checking in with my Guys! I will keep you up to date!

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