Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Randoms: March 18, 2014

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to share some Tuesday Randoms with you!!!! Hope you enjoy!

  • I used a new nail polish yesterday and I am really not happy with it. It is already rubbing off on the tips :( If you want to see the color I used, you can check out my instagram.
  • I have been horribly obsessed with Reese's lately. Seriously. It's bad.
  • I have decided that my physical therapist is trying to kill me. Ok not seriously, but he did make me cry today.
  • I have gotten more movement out of my arm and I am so ridiculously excited!
  • Been thinking about adding monthly goals to my yearly goal updates. What do you think about that?
  • If you missed it, we posted the Fiance Tag on the YouTube channel! Go check it out!
  • I have decided to start watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning again. I just love this show.
  • I have the greatest fiancĂ© ever because he bought me tickets to see Divergent this weekend! SO EXCITED!
  • Feeling super excited that I got the entire weekend off this week. AND I get next Saturday off too!
  • We are going to take Matthew to see the dinosaur exhibit at our local zoo next Saturday.
  • I am almost half way through Allegiant. I am seriously obsessed with this trilogy.
  • Watched Catching Fire the other night. It was so good. I am planning on reading The Hunger Games trilogy soon.

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