Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter: Part 2

Hey Guys! Welcome to part 2 of our Easter Celebration! You can check out the last post on the blog to see why we celebrated early and what we did on day 1! For day 2, we went to Church as a family with my Mom and Step-Dad. Then, we went to JP's Mom and Step-Dad's house so Boo could do an egg hunt and open his Easter basket there!

JP got this awesome picture of Boo and I!

And I took a few really good pictures of the greatest boys EVER!
They got Boo a HUGE monster truck, a big pack of sidewalk chalk, an egg laying chicken (or pooping chicken as we call him) and some candies. He was super excited about everything he got!
And he had a really great time hunting for eggs the second day as well!
So there you have it! What did you do to celebrate Easter this year?

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