Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mom Week Day 3: Our Daily Schedule

Hey Guys! Today I just wanted to share our typical daily schedule as of right now. We are getting ready to have a huge change in our schedule because I am changing jobs (more on that later). So here is a quick run down of our typical daily schedule.

730 AM: Wake up time, dishes, fix breakfast, let the dogs out
8AM-830AM: Eat breakfast, clean up breakfast, talk to JP, check computer work.
830AM-930AM: Play time for Matthew, Bible time and chore time for me.
930AM-1030AM: Play time together
1030AM-1130AM: Get ready, lunch time
1130AM-1230PM: Shower time and get ready time for me, TV time for Matthew
1230PM-130PM: Nap time!
130PM-230PM: Check the mail, get ready for work
230PM-330PM: Leave, drop Matthew off, head to work

Then after that I go to work for the night and JP takes care of Matthew. So that is a quick look into our day to day life. What kind of schedule do you have?

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