Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 Random Favorites

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk to you about some more of my favorites. You can check out last week's favorites, which were my makeup favorites here. Today favorites are going to be really random: TV shows, books, blogs and some of my favorite pictures from the year. Don't forget to come back next Friday as well to check out some of my other favorites. So let's get started!
TV Show:
As far as TV shows go, I would have to say my favorite is still Grey's Anatomy. I am telling you, it just doesn't get better. Another one of my favorites this year was definitely sister wives. There's a new season on right now but I can't watch because I don't have cable, but you can watch older seasons of both shows on Netflix.
Many of you may not know but I am horribly obsessed with sports movies. Especially true story sports movies so one of my favorites this year was definitely 42 which is the Jackie Robinson story. I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend and was so stoked. Another one of my favorite definitely had to be fast and furious 6 but I love them all of course. And then you can't go wrong with anything that has Jason Statham in it so Parker was definitely another favorite for the year.
I just recently wrote a post about my top 5 current music favorites. Those songs have to be probably my most favorite for the year.
I just got an Android this year and one of my favorite apps has to be the mp3 music download app. Another that I was so excited to actually get finally was Instagram and I have to say I'm pretty obsessed. And I also love the my coke reward app because you can earn free points just for drinking Diet Coke and we all know I love me some Diet Coke.
I have to say that two of my most favorite blogs this year we're definitely Beauty Broadcast and Maskcara. They are both beauty blogs but I just can't seem to stop reading them! And as much as I enjoy other blogs, they are the ones I get the most excited for every time they post.
I don't know if very many of you know this but, another thing that I totally love is books written by celebrities. I read all of Kendra Wilkinson's books this year (I believe she has 3). I also read a Kate Gosselin book this year that I really enjoyed. And I read Tori Spelling's Uncharted Territori that I really enjoyed as well. 
YouTube channels:
As far as YouTube channels I really hate to list favorites, but I did do a post last week that had some of the first ones I watched listed. You can go check those out on my resolutions tag post here.
This is a picture of our family dog Jake. He was an Akita. It devastated our family when he passed  away this year. I just adore this picture of him. To me it shows who he really was, a big huge teddy bear.

I don't know why but I love this pic of my guys. This was right before my birthday and JP and I had gone on a wheeling trip. Matthew was so excited to see the Jeep all muddy.

These two people are our best friends, S&S. They are seriously two people who are just made of gold. They are the kindest and most caring people I have ever known and they are people of huge faith. I love them!

This was taken on our trip to Windrock in June. It was taken the day after JP told me he loved me for the first time. I was so excited on this trip. I just love it up there, it is so beautiful.

This is my favorite pic of my guys. Matthew loves Jeeps, and I adore watching JP teach him more and more about them. This was at a meet for a group we were in. Matthew was walking around naming all the Jeeps. I just love watching them spend  quality time like this together.

This is a pic of Matthew's first time in the Jeep. He was so excited! We took the top off later and he loved sticking his hands out of the top. We are raising a true Jeep boy!

It is rare to get a picture of my brother with a genuine smile. I was so excited I got this picture! This was at his going away party. I am so glad they have the bond they do. Matthew is so much like his Uncle Dave.

I love this one. It is so calm and peaceful to me. We actually have this in a large black and white over our bed.

I loved all of our family pics that Sarah did for us. This one I just couldn't get over the smile on my sweet boys face!!

I see how much he has grown up in this pic. It makes me sad and proud at the same time. I love this little boy more than anything. Gosh, he just looks so big!

This one makes me smile. He is such a happy boy and I am just so blessed to get to be his Mama!!

This one is from Matthew's fourth birthday. I just love it because it is a pic of our family, and I was so proud of him and how far we have come.

I smile from ear to ear every single time I see this pic. This is JP's Dad and Matthew playing. This was the first time they had ever met, and Matthew loved him immediately! It makes me think of when Matthew saw a picture of JP's Dad on the table and he asked me who it was. I told him it was JP's Dad. He looked at me and said "So like my Grandpa?". It was just too cute.

This one is of me and Matthew from last year. We were at Monster Jam and it was our first time going. He was so excited and loved it so very much.
Alright, there you have it! What were your "random" favorites of the year? Don't forget to let me know and come back every Friday this month to see the rest of my 2013 favorites!!

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