Saturday, January 11, 2014

Makeup New Year's Resolution Tag

Hey Guys! I know we are approaching mid-month, but I saw this tag on Kristen Gehm's channel and figured it would be fun. I would have filmed this but I am not quite in a good enough state to film. I tag you all to do this either in type or video! Hope you enjoy.

1. What is a technique you've improved on during the past year?
Honestly, I have improved with makeup overall.

2. What is your overall most used makeup product this year?
I can't think of one specific product that I used more than any other.

3. What brand would you like to try in the coming year?
I really want to try out more L'Oreal. I feel like I haven't used much of their products at all.

4. Are there any products that you want to use up this year?
There are several :) I really would love to hit pan on a few.

5. Favorite winter activity and what do you wear and how do you do your makeup for it?
I really don't have a favorite one. Winter time is our snuggle time, then we do a ton of activities the rest of the year.

6. What is one bad makeup habit that you want to break in the coming year?
I really can't think of one

7. Favorite  clothing to keep warm and dry in the winter?
I honestly don't get cold very easily, but I love my sweaters.

8. A fellow youtuber you really loved watching this year. (great way to share the love!)
2013 was when I really got into youtube! Some of the first ones I started watching are:
Emily Noel
Anna Saccone
Melissa Raymond
Casey Holmes
Nikki Phillippi
Rachel Talbott
Samantha Schuerman

9. Are you planning to wear lipstick/gloss when the ball drops at midnight? If so, which lipstick/gloss?
I did :) I wore a CG jumbo balm but not sure which color.
10. What is your best Best New Year's Eve memory?
Hmmm... I can't really think of one...

11. What was the best thing that happened to you this year?
We built our family up and made it stronger :)

12. Describe the year 2013 in 3 words.
stressful, blessed, exhausting

13. What activity hobby are you finally going to take up in 2014?

14. Hypothetically, you win the lottery in 2014. If you could donate to any charity in 2014 which charity is dear to you and why?
I would donate to Angel Blanket Ministries. I know all donations go straight to blessing others, and they have blessed my son and I.

14. What food or beverage are you going to give up in 2014? What food or beverage are you finally going to try in 2014?
I plan on cutting back on fast food, but not totally cutting anything out. And I am willing to try just about anything.

15. If you could have one of your dreams come true for 2014, what would it be and why?
For my shoulder to be healed!

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