Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Goals: January Update

Hey Guys! I have decided to do a monthly update to let you know how I am doing on my 2014 goals! I am just going to list out the goals again and tell you how it is coming. :) If you want to read my original goals and their descriptions then you can check that out here. Let's get started!

  • Read the whole Bible: I am not doing so hot in this one. You would think with me being home every day that it would be easier on me. But I am failing. I have only read January 1st devotional read and the month is over! That is so pathetic! I do plan on sitting down one day and reading to try to catch myself up. The goal for me wasn't necessarily to read every single day, just to read the whole Bible in the year. So we will see if I can catch up and get better.
  • Pray more with Matthew: This is another one I am failing at. I really need to start carving out the time in the morning before we eat breakfast to say a prayer and really help him understand how important it is.
  • Journal: Ok, maybe I am just failing on these goals all together. I haven't been able to journal because I haven't been able to physically write. I do plan on doing better this month though because I will finally be able to start using my arm again.
  • Read more: Uhg, I am a failure. haha. This is another goal that I have not even slightly accomplished. I am picking up my book right now.

  • Heal: I am healing, and I am trying to allow myself to heal. I don't feel that I have been over doing it. I do feel like I am healing, and we are a month in now! I start physical therapy this week, so it is time to start strengthening now!
  • Eat Healthier: I have been trying to start eating every meal once again. I did slack a bit when I first had surgery, but I have been doing much better at eating all three meals and a snack. I do need to start laying off of the fast food and the junk food though!

  • Get Matthew in School: This isn't something I can really do too much with right now. I do plan on calling and getting the information that I need so that I can start getting everything together for May. I plan on calling this week! 
  • Spend more quality time with my boys: I feel like we haven't been able to spend a lot of time doing things so far, but we have spent a lot of time together and that makes me super happy!

  • Be more consistent: I slacked off quite a bit, but I did pick it up last week and type up a post for every single week day. I am currently coming up with a schedule that I feel will really work for me.
  • Build my blog/channel: So far I have hit 20 likes on my FB page. And I have had a couple of my posts pinned on Pinterest! Both were really exciting for me and huge for my blog. My main focus lately has been building the blog. I plan on focusing more on the channel in a couple months.
Alright, so my month has been a pretty big fail in the goals department. But in all fairness, I did have a pretty major surgery on my dominant arm. I am starting to kick it up a notch now that I am starting to recover. Don't forget to check back at the beginning of March to see how I am doing.

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