Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIAW: 4-4-14

Hey Guys! Welcome to another WIAW! I am trying to get these posted earlier in the day, so this week I am showing you what I ate last Friday the 4th. I had a really busy day that day, starting with therapy in the morning, then a few errands and then I had to get ready for my engagement pictures. :)
This is an every morning thing. I drink a bottle of water and take all of my vitamins. I will be doing a post on the vitamins that I take in the next couple of weeks, so you can keep an eye out for that.

This was a semi-quick breakfast, meaning it didn't require me to cook very much :) I had a banana, two waffles and some mocha coffee almonds. These things are delicious and have a good bit of caffeine in them. In 1 oz, it has as much caffeine as 2 oz of coffee!

For lunch, I stopped by Panera to pick something up. I got the pick two meal. I got it with the Sierra Turkey sandwich (so it comes with half of it) and the Caeser salad (it comes with half of a salad, I ate half of what they gave me, so I ate a quarter of the salad). It was really delicious and I made sure I got lots of veggies in.

For dinner, we went to Pied Piper Eatery with our friends Shawn and Sarah. I had never been there before so we decided to indulge a bit. We got fried pickles and loaded cheese fries. All four of us shared these, so I am not exactly sure how much I ate, but it was too much. :)

And for the main course, I had a burger with a fried egg and cheddar. I left the lettuce on my burger, but took the onion off. I got the mac and cheese with the burger (I should have gotten something healthier). I did eat all the mac, but didn't finish the burger. They were both pretty good.
So there you have it guys. What have you been eating on lately?

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