Friday, July 18, 2014

Daily Routine

Hey Guys! I know I posted a daily routine a while ago, but life is very different now so I wanted to show you how our day goes now.

4:55am- wake up, brush teeth, read Bible, put on make up
5:20am- wake matthew up, lay his clothes on his bed, let the dogs out, give the dogs food and water, check blood sugar, take vitamins, give matthew vitamins
5:30am- fix my breakfast, eat,  computer work, make the bed
5:55am- get dressed, fix hair, get matthews shoes on, brush his teeth, put dogs up, finish fixing lunches
6:07am- leave for work.
6:20am-3:30pm- work. We do have a set schedule at work and I will tell you more about it one day. :)
3:45pm-get home, check the mail, let the dogs out, get changed into my pajamas, wash dishes
4:30pm- JP gets home, start dinner
5:00pm- eat dinner together as a family, take a shower
5:30pm- run Matthew's bath water, get him in the tub, lay out his clothes, pack lunches
6:00pm- get Matthew in pajamas, turn on his tv, snuggle with him for a bit
6:30pm- turn on our tv, snuggle with JP, watch a tv show (lately Private Practice has been our show of choice)
8:30pm- get Matthew into bed, snuggle with him for a while, say our prayers
9:00pm- get into bed and go to sleep!

That is our schedule as of late. It is pretty fast paced and hectic most of the time. And it doesn't go this way every single day, but for the most part, it follows this routine. So what is your daily routine like? Has it changed recently like mine has?

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