Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Healthy Eating: Foods I Want to Cut Back On

Hey Guys!

One of my goals for 2014 was to start eating healthier. While I was down from my surgery, I did not stick to this goal at all! I was eating whatever sounded good (which wasn't very much) whenever I wanted to. One of my biggest problems was nighttime snacking! I get hungry right before bed, and I am supposed to eat a small snack before bed to help eliminate low blood sugars over night. The problem was I was eating a TON before bed.

So today I wanted to discuss some of the foods that I really want to cut back on. I consume a lot of this stuff and I really need to lighten the amount that I am eating. I want to talk to you about the top 4 things that I really want to cut back on in my diet.

1. Processed snacks- I eat a lot of these. Seriously. I can eat a whole container of Lays Stax in one day. These are so bad for you. They are high in calories and carbs. Not to mention they are a processed snack. Another thing that I eat as a snack a lot is cold hot dogs. This is a huge problem. I have cut back on this and only eat hot dogs in meals (I need to cut back on how many meals have them as well).

2. Chocolate- I eat way too much chocolate. Now, I can't eliminate chocolate from my diet all together. I firmly believe in allowing yourself a treat that you enjoy. The problem is how much of that treat. To combat my chocolate desire, my plan is to eat a little bit of chocolate (say 2 cookies or 1 Reese cup) with some fruit. This will keep my chocolate craving at bay and still help me feel like I am eating enough sweets. Another plan is to allow myself a bowl of Special K Chocolate cereal with almond milk if I am craving chocolate at night.

3. Fast Food- This is seriously some of the worst stuff you can put in your body! We have been eating fast food so much lately and it just has to stop. I want to start cutting back to once or twice a week. And then from there I want to go back to once a month.

4. Diet Coke- I hate that I am eliminating this. :) Seriously, I enjoy my diet coke. The problem is that it is really bad for you body. I am planning on going back to having one diet coke a day, but only if I consume my daily amount of water first.

Ok, so those are the things I want to cut back on in my diet. What kind of things are you wanting to eliminate or cut back on from yours? Any tips on how to I can cut back and what I can eat to replace any of these?

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